Current/Future Projects

County Line Special Utility District Board of Directors and Staff would like to keep our customers up to date on projects happening within or for our service area.

Water Projects:

  1.  Hays County is planning to improve bridges at the intersection of Gristmill Road/Plum Creek Road and at 2 locations along Bunton Lane. CLSUD’s engineering firm is in the process of developing bid specs / cost estimates for relocating water lines in these 3 areas.


Wastewater Projects: 

A wastewater plant was built early in 2019 located on Plum Creek Road.  This plant serves:

  1. Uhland Elementary on High Road
  2. Transportation Center on Highway 21
  3. Gristmill Highlands Subdivision on Gristmill Road
  4. Mill Creek Subdivision on Gristmill Road
  5. Las Estancias Subdivision – Phase 2 only on Highway 21
  6. Cotton Gin Mobile Home Park on Cotton Gin Road


Subdivisions: Our service area is growing!

Construction Plans that have been approved.  Building of homes has started or will start very soon.

  1.  Woodlands Park Subdivision Phases 4A & 4B
  2.  Bunton Creek Reserve Subdivision Phase 2
  3.  Cool Springs Subdivision Phases 2 & 3
  4. Las Estancias 2 Subdivision
  5. Highlands at Grist Mill Subdivision Phase 2
  6. Cotton Gin Mobile Home Park Phase 1
  7. Mill Creek Subdivision Phase 2
  8. Misty Lane Commercial Park

Construction Plans that are under review.  

  1. Cotton Gin Mobile Home Park Phases 2 – 4
  2. Cotton Gin RV Park
  3. Bunton Creek Subdivision
  4. Misty Lane Commercial Park
  5. Pecan Springs RV Park
  6. Anderson Subdivision
  7. Camino Real Development
  8. Caldwell Ranch Subdivision
  9. Caldwell Valley Development
  10. TK Ranch
  11. El Camino Ranch RV Park
  12. Uhland Plaza
  13. Las Estancias Subdivison – Phase 3
  14. Harmony Hills Subdivision
  15. Rocky Road Subdivision
  16. Praderas Ranch


ARWA – Alliance Regional Water Authority

County Line Special Utility District has a new water source via ARWA. This water will come from south Caldwell County / north Gonzales County. ARWA is in the process of engineering where the water lines will be placed and infrastructure needs. This water is projected to start delivery to our system in 2023.


CRWA – Canyon Regional Water Authority

County Line Special Utility District is a member of CRWA.  CRWA transports and treats water at the Hays Caldwell Plant located on the San Marcos River.  CRWA is currently working on upgrades to the Plant that will increase capacity to process water.